We have multiple ranges for your shooting pleasure including pistol, large bore, small bore, muzzle loader/ shotgun and archery. All ranges except the archery range are under cover for your protection from weather. The large bore, small bore and muzzle loader/shotgun ranges have a light and buzzer system to identify down range shooters for additional shooter safety. All ranges are open from 9:00 AM to sunset. Ranges are closed the first day and both Saturdays during the Pennsylvania firearms deer season. Ranges are also closed on Saturdays until noon during the pheasant season. We also close Sunday afternoons from March until approximately Father’s Day to allow our YHEC shooters to develop their shooting skills in advance of their state competition. All ranges except archery are handicap accessible. Fully automatic weapons are not permitted at any of our ranges. For a complete list of rules see below.

Pistol Ranges have backstops from 15 feet to 50 yards for all types skill level shooters. Large bore ranges are 100 and 200 yards. Small bore backstops are set at 25 and 50 yards and also serve as sighting in areas for large bore rifles. Muzzle loader/shotgun range has backstops from 25 to 100 yards. Our archery range have a tower stand with four target areas, an eight station walk through area and a 40 yard straight line target. All targets are under cover and work with compound and crossbows.

Range Rules

Shooting Hours


General Notes

  • MEMBERS ONLY—no guests
  • All safety rules MUST be followed
  • NO cross firing
  • Use only paper targets
  • Remove all used targets
  • Pickup all brass and trash
  • Ranges closed for the following:
    1. During regular monthly meeting
    2. First day of Pa rifle season
    3. First Saturday of Pa rifle season
    4. Second Saturday of Pa rifle season
    5. Sundays from 1PM-5PM during YHEC training
    6. During work parties
    7. Other times as directed by Executive Board

Note:  ranges will be closed the morning after pheasant stockings until noon for hunting. The exception is Thanksgiving Day when the ranges will be open.