Pavilion Rental


  • Person renting the pavilion must be a member of the association, or be sponsored by a member of  the association. Renter accepts full responsibility for any damage incurred to the pavilion and/or grounds. The Association member vouches for the conduct of the Renter.
  • Renter shall be liable for the cost of repairing any damage to the pavilion, picnic grounds, or any equipment on the premises which is caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of any person using the pavilion under this agreement.
    • If damage is over $100 deposit, renter, and member are liable for full reimbursement or loss of membership and criminal charges.
  • Pavilion rental costs are as follows;
    • Member: $100.00;  a $100.00 security deposit is required, which will be refunded if no clean-up is needed or damage incurred.
    • Non-member: $100.00 along with a $100.00 security deposit, which will be refunded if no clean-up is needed or damage is incurred.  (Note: Separate checks are requested for non-member rental, both checks payable to Youngwood Sportsmen’s Association. Submittal of only one check will result in a delay in a refund of the security deposit.)
    • The Association dose not provide free clean-up of the pavilion prior to use- this is the responsibility of the MEMBER.
  • Renter agrees to the following additional stipulations:
    • Premises will be vacated by 10:30pm, or as requested by an officer or trustee of the Association.
    • parking fees or cover charges will not be sold or collected at the group function.
    • Alcoholic beverages will not be sold at the group function
    • Party or parties renting said premises shall accept full responsibility in the distribution of alcoholic beverages
    • All entertainment by any group using the pavilion should be in good taste and be a positive reflection on the Association
    • Lights and water will be turned off when vacating the premises
    • Garbage will be collected and placed in the dumpster
    • The gate must be locked when leaving the club grounds ( renter is responsible for all persons removed)
    • Sponsoring member assumes responsibility for enforcement of the above items.
  • Renter hereby acknowledges that this agreement is for the pavilion and immediate grounds around the pavilion only, SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED  from usage are any and all ranges, use of the fishing pond, clubhouse, tractor, garage, sheds, etc.
  • Renter also acknowledges that scheduled club functions will not stop (for example, such as shooting on the ranges or trap shooting on Sundays) unless prior agreement is reached with the Association’s Board of Directors.

Any questions on the above, please contact Joe Miller (412-558-6257) or Scott Orner (724-350-0131) , pavilion rental chairmen.

Pavilion Rental Application