Each year we take a moment and try to share with you the past year’s activities at the club and to share with you how we are moving forward. The board has worked hard again this year to make Youngwood Sportsmen’s the best club in the area. As always, we appreciate your support and volunteerism.

We have just launched this new website to provide more information to our members. Check out what is going on by looking up each area you enjoy. We now have a current events section which covers important topics to keep you up to date. Check out the calendar which tells you what’s going on at the club and if any part of the club is closed due to another event.

We have completed construction on new bathrooms on the same level as the club room. There are separate men’s and women’s rooms which are handicap accessible. The restrooms may be used at any time by using your key fob to gain access at the porch door. Please do not try to enter the club room from the restrooms. That door is locked and on the security alarm. Please do your part to keep these clean due to the fact that we don’t have a fulltime cleaning person. The fob pad is hooked up to the security system allowing us to track all users coming in and out for all members safey.

Pistol Range Parking Lot
We have built a road and parking lot at the pistol ranges. This should make it easier for members to access the ranges and at the same time eliminate people parking on the road.

Handicap Rifle Range Spots
We have constructed two handicap spaces at the large bore ranges. This should make life easier for those who possess a handicap parking permit. Please remember: there is no parking allowed on the roadway at the ranges. This roadway needs to be kept open for emergency vehicles should we need to gain access. There are no parking signs along the roadway.

Handicap Parking Spots at Club House
We have added two additional handicap spaces at the clubhouse. Please do not use these unless you have a handicap placard.

Women on Target
Joe Stefko, the newest member of the board, is in the process of reviving our Women on Target program for 2019. Stay tuned for details.

Much good news here. We enjoyed another great season with an incredible group of young women and men. The board is so proud of the job these coaches do to mold not only future hunters but to help develop these youngsters into solid young adults who will become the future leaders of our community. Through their efforts, Youngwood Sportsmen is now the new home of the “Western Pennsylvania YHEC Competition” beginning in 2019

Membership Renewals
Renew your membership for next year here on the website. You can renew your membership here on line by following the directions provided. There is no need to come to the club to renew. We will be making provisions to have two dates to allow members who cannot renew on line to renew at the club. We WILL NOT be taking renewals by mail.