Welcome!                        196 Sportsmens Rd., Youngwood, PA 15697      (724)925-8131

Board of Directors 2014

President................ Roger Davis
Vice President....... Tom Boord
Secretary............... Mike Spychalski
Treasurer............... Bobbie Davis
Field Captain......... Tom Polansky
Past President........ Clyde Trout


Bob Mull (2)
Fred Perillo (2)

Tom Zangla(1)
Bob Bagdon (1)


  Key fobs can be picked up at the clubhouse on Sundays from 10: 00am until 1:00pm and on Tuesday nights from 5:00pm until 8:00pm also on meeting nights.

CONGRATULATIONS to the trap shooters from Youngwood Club for winning the TWI-NIGHT TRAP LEAGUE  again. Trophies will be on display in the case as soon as we get them from the league.



To accommodate our Youth Pheasant Hunt, the ranges will be closed on Saturday, October 11th, from 8AM until 1PM. We appreciate your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience.

YSA Board of Directors


*All members must have current membership card and pin in their possession
*All hunters must have a current PA Hunting License
*Starting time is 8Am the day after stocking or that day
*No parking on road  All hunters are required to park in club lot
*All hunters must have 250 sq inches of fluorescent orange on the head, chest and back area at all times
*It is unlawful to hunt small game in parties of more than 6 persons
*No person is permitted to hunt from Sportsmen's Road
*All posted safety zones around clubhouse, lake, ranges, and pheasant pen will be strictly enforced. Violators will be asked to leave, 2nd offense will result in reporting to PA Game Commission Personnel
*No hunting is permitted around the lake
*All archery, small game hunters and furtakers are asked to stay on the roads when going through fields
on stocking dates
*Limit is 2 male pheasants per day
*No hunting allowed in YHEC field, Archery range, and around ranges on Thanksgiving Day
*All other PA regulations apply
*When Starting time is 8AM, all dogs must be kept on leash until 8AM

                                             PHEASANT SEASON
                                2014 through 2015

October 11, 2014 through October 18, 2014 (Junior Hunt)              
                               October 25, 2014 through November 29, 2014
                                  December 15, 2014 through December 24, 2014
                                 December 26, 2014 through February 21, 2015

                                Birds                                             Event                                            Date                                                     Time    
                                                    70                                            Junior Hunt**                Saturday, October 11, 2014                         8:00AM-12:00PM    
                               100                                            Stocking                            Friday, October 24, 2014                             5:00PM
                                       Hunt                             Saturday, October 25, 2014                             8:00AM
80                                              Stocking                        Friday, October 31, 2014                                 5:00PM
                                                                                     Hunt                           Saturday, November 1, 2014                           8:00AM 
Stocking                           Friday, November 7, 2014                            5:00PM
Hunt                              Saturday, November 8, 2014                         8:00AM
Veteran's Day Stocking               Tuesday, November 11, 2014                       6:00AM 
                                                                       Veteran's Hunt*                  Tuesday, November 11, 2014                  8:00AM-12:00PM
                                 40                                               Stocking
                                       Saturday, November 15, 2014                       6:00AM
                                                                                       Hunt                            Saturday, November 15, 2014                       8:00AM
                                 30                                               Stocking                         Friday, November 21, 2014                           4:30PM
                                                                                       Hunt                             Saturday, November 22, 2014                      8:00AM
                                 30                                        Thanksgiving Stocking          Thursday, November 27, 2014                       6:00AM
                                                                               Thanksgiving Hunt              Thursday, November 27, 2014                      8:00AM
                                 50                                                  Stocking                       Saturday, December 20, 2014                       6:00AM
                                                                                         Hunt                          Saturday, December 20, 2014                        8:00AM
                                 30                                          Christmas Stocking              Friday, December 26, 2014                            6:00AM
                                                                                 Christmas Hunt                  Friday, December 26, 2014                           8:00AM

                       *Hunting Tuesday, November 11, 2014 for Veteran's only from 8:00AM-12:00pm
                            **Junior hunters only ages 12-16



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